Renting Apartments and Your Pet

There is this group of fabulous apartments in Jacksonville Fl you would love to move into, but you have Bruno, you dog, which is part of your life. You have heard of residential areas that restrict or prevent pets in their buildings and wonder if these apartments fall into such a group.

You should be aware that if you contemplate renting an apartment with your pet, certain issues have to be thrashed out before you sign your lease document. Make sure you are very clear on these matters with your landlord long before proceeding to commit yourself.

Is There a Petty Cash Pay?

You should expect to pay up a deposit for your pet when renting with your animal. This money is protection for your landlord in the event your pet causes any damage to your apartment. Once you move out having no damage done in your apartment, you should get your deposit money back.

Will Your Pet Be Weighed?

Quite a number of apartments prefer smaller animals and will accept cats or dogs only if they weigh thirty-five to forty pounds as a maximum. You should, for this reason, find out if your prospective apartment weighs in pets or whether there are size limitations. You could be allowed to keep your bigger pet once your landlord accepts a pet reference from your previous landlord.

Will Your Pet Fit In?

Make sure you know about the kind of space your pet will need while indoors. You can then scout your prospective apartment to determine whether the space available is enough for both of you. Find out if there is a place where a litter box or a crate would fit. Other challenges for you and your pet could be a hardwood floor that could get scratches or carpeting that could get stained by your pet.

Be sure also to ascertain the types of pets and breeds that the apartment community restricts on the premises. Again, some communities could allow to keep your pet should training certification or recommendation letters from your veterinarian are produced.

How Far Is A Pet Business Centre?

Before you and your pet move in, be sure you understand the apartment community’s policies in regard to animal waste. You should have discovered by now that life with a four-legged companion does involve taking care of the pet waste business. It could be about walking your dog outside or cleaning up a litter box.

Look for a designated pet walk area or a dog park in the vicinity. Understand the rules covering disposal of dog waste and come prepared to collect your pet’s waste in a bag. The distance and how long it takes to get to the designated area your pet can do their business is another consideration to make. This could determine if you make the upper floors or the ground floor apartments.

It is apparent finding a pet-friendly apartment is a challenge. However, a good knowledge of the kind of questions to ask your prospective landlord helps. Also, having a candid talk about pet policy on their domain would enable you find an apartment where you and your pet shall be comfortable.