First Things to Do For New Residents of Apartments

You have finally done it. You have succeeded in making through one of those stressful days. You have moved into one of those fantastic apartments in jacksonville fl. It could be a daunting task to decide exactly what to do next, but the list below will be a superb guide for you.

Essentials Unpacking

The first thing you should do is the unpacking of your boxes of those essential items you will need immediately. These are such things as basic kitchen supplies, bedding items, paper towels, soap and toilet paper. Unpacking for everything else can come later so long as the essentials are out.

Perform a Quick Check

It is important that just before unpacking the rest of your boxes and setting up the furniture, you should make a quick walk through. With your camera or phone, take pictures that show any damages in the apartment apparent before you moved in.

It is a good idea to transfer images of any damage you detect to your landlord ensuring early documentation that could save you money when the time comes to get back your security deposit.

Get Connected

Often, we take the internet for granted, however unless you intend to use your smartphone for your every web need, it will be a good idea to get connected immediately. The other utilities should be next on your list such as cable providers, gas, water and energy that should be set up in your name. This is unless these are catered for by your building or inclusive of your rent.

Officially, change your address at the post office to have your mail forwarded and have your new billing address for your credit cards and bank changed. Also, give your new address for your subscriptions and let your family and friends know this too. If you are on prescriptions, it will be the apt time to have everything re-set up at the nearest pharmacy to avoid hassles when you need a refill.

It Is Time to Take Measurements

It is advised to have a list of all the d├ęcor and furniture you require or want to buy once you have moved in. Make a decision where you want the items then take the measurements of the particular area where you will put each item, marking down the measurements on your list. Adjust your measurements about such things as the size of your windows for the curtains and height of the shower curtain rod.

Scout Your New Neighborhood

Moving into a new apartment means the opportunity to explore a new and different neighborhood than the one you are used to in your former residence. It would be a good idea to walk around and get a feel of your new neighborhood. As you go through the streets, you may take note of the better eateries, shops, and cafes that are within a walking distance of your new apartment. Pinpoint the public transportation stops, the fast-food joints, and the local gym if you contemplate joining one.