Updating Apartments Cheaply but Beautifully

It has finally happened. You have moved into one of those elegant apartments in Jacksonville Fl. The next step is to make the rooms in your apartment fit into your personal style. Decoration of a home can get quite expensive especially after the payments for getting the apartment. There are ways to spruce up every room that do not need huge sums of money. The best way to go about this cheaply involves making small changes that bring big stylish results.

The Trick to Use

A good trick to bring elegance to your new apartment is made small touches here and there. Well, before you know it, each part of your apartment will have a completely different feel to it. The best part is that this will not set you back an arm and a leg.

You Living Room

Dazzling curtains have the magic of enlivening up any space instantly, and it costs so little to do so. Visit your nearest discount department store or search online for those lovely patterned curtains that will light up your windows and bring color to your walls.

A few throw pillows on that plain couch will cost you very little yet they will bring homeliness to your living room. Matching their color with that on your curtains gives the room that put together look. A coffee table book or pretty tray will organize magazines on the coffee table and bring style to the center of your room. Place a scented candle or vase to complete the pretty picture.

The Bedroom

A new set of lamp shades will completely change how the room looks like in an instant. They will bring a new style to the bedside tables, change the light quality in the room and can be used to soften the bright light in your bedroom. Give your room an uncluttered look while adding d├ęcor with the use of stackable baskets on once corner of the room. Let the clothes you do not often wear, some blankets or items cluttering your shelves go into them.

A simple hanging of a curtain at the head of your bed on the wall can enliven your bedroom. There are numerous do it yourself headboard creation ideas out there many of which can be cheaply brought to life and change your room.

The Kitchen

You can change the kind of hardware in your kitchen so long as your landlord has no objections. One of the ways to do this cheaply is to switch completely out your current cabinet hardware. This can be an easy project if your apartment does not have numerous drawers and cabinets. Adding a rug or replacing the old one besides the sink with another new colorful one could be a fun idea. It will become discolored and dirty looking with time in which case you could clean it comprehensively or simply buy another one at the discount store.

The bathroom

A decorative coat rack on your bathroom wall would be a beautiful addition to for your extra towels and bath ropes. The different array of colors that is your towels and coats shall bring a touch of brightness to your bathroom wall at an insignificant cost.